Importance of COVID-19 Tracing Using The Entry Management System (EMS)

As there is no vaccine or treatment (yet) for COVID-19, certain measures have proven to help slow the spread of the disease across populations. The success of relaxing stay-at-home orders and social distancing policies depend largely on the country’s ability to carry out effective contact tracing. When deployed early enough, contact tracing can often make a difference in the dynamics of an outbreak. Therefore, time is of the essence. The time to act is now.

Contact Tracing

Interrupts virus transmission

Mitigates spread of disease

Renders a premises safe

Vital in COVID-19 fight

Contact tracing in a larger scale can be messy, ineffective and may interrupt business activities. This can however be mitigated using the Entry Management System (EMS). The EMS in essence is the basics of this time-tested public health strategy and business owners can, starting now, help the community in the fight against COVID-19.

Benefits of EMS


With just two steps, business owners can register their business with the system. This generates a QR Code that business owners will stick at the entrance to their premises. All staff, visitors and customers will scan the QR Code upon entry. They will fill in their contact details and their body temperature. This simple system means a person can be processed in under a minute, without creating unnecessary queues outside the premises (which could discourage business).

Simple Data Management

The system logs the information given by the individuals entering the premises. There is no messy Google Docs or Forms. Most importantly this removes the need for pen and paper being handled by hundreds of people, with the potential of it being a source of disease transmission. With the EMS, businesses don’t need to worry about saving files or keeping track of sheets of paper. The EMS will handle all of this.

Easy Contact Tracing

In the event an individual who has entered the premises tests positive for COVID-19, all individuals who have come in contact with the person can be traced using the EMS. The information will be released to health officials to aid in their tracing. The information can be sorted according to date and time, narrowing the net of potential infected individuals.

Protect Your Business

As a responsible business-owner, it is important that the best is done to ensure the safety of everyone that enters the premises. With the EMS, not only are business owners doing their best to keep staff, customers and visitors safe, as well as contributing to the safeguarding of the community.

With the EMS, business-owners have peace of mind, without having to resort to expensive investments in keeping their premises safe. They will also be able to aid healthcare authorities in keeping track of the people that have entered their premises.

Time To Take Action

A business can be registered to the system immediately. The business will then receive an email with a QR Code to be stuck on the entrance to your premises. If there is more than one entrance, this unique QR code can be placed on all the entrances.

If businesses need any assistance, or if they wish to adapt this system for their particular type of business, they may contact us and we will be happy to customise this system to suit their needs. Customisation includes adding a business logo to the system, as well as including a special message for the visitors. Furthermore, customisations like adding vouchers, discounts or even adding fields of information to be included can be carried out as well.

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